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Bicycle City Urban Vermont Jersey 7

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Terms and Conditions

1. Landlord, in the name and on behalf of the company Motos Pepllu S. L. and tenant, on behalf of their own, mutually recognize full legal capacity to contract. The tenant knows, understands and freely accepts, after being informed of the characteristics of the service, this contract and states that their powers have not been modified or limited, and the effect is accepted. 2. The service schedule is indicated in the appropriate office. 3. Whoever performs the bike hire should possess National Identity to European Union members and Passport to the rest countries. Also you need a copy of the credit card for the bond. 4. To formalize the lease of the material is required to make a deposit of € 15. This deposit can be made by credit card or cash. 5. The renter authorizes the landlord to charge your credit or debit card all amounts accrued under this contract, both the concepts of bond, rent, damage and total or partial theft. 6. Bicycles and rental equipment can only be used by people that the customer name on the lease. 7. The tenant receives the bike and additional equipment in perfect working order, having it reviewed them enough at the time of executing this contract. 8. The bicycle and optional equipment will be delivered rented Motos Pepllu Rent staff on the day and time specified in the contract. Failure to comply will result in delivery time to the customer an additional cost of € 10 per hour or fraction of an hour late. Failure to make delivery of the material on the same day as stipulated in the contract, it will result in an additional cost of € 15 in rent full day. 9. Motos Pepllu Rent delivery bicycle with helmet and lock and battery in case of electric bikes in perfect condition no extra cost. The tenant will be responsible for the proper care of the set of keys, helmet, lock, battery, and other material delivered. It should also take all necessary precautions to protect the bikes and rented equipment damage, loss or theft. Should any of these circumstances the client immediately assumes full replacement costs incurred at market prices (rates new material). 10. Motos Pepllu Rent offers baby seats extra cost. Babies should have at least 1 year old and must be able to keep your head and body in the correct position for themselves and be able to wear a helmet. 11. We strongly recommend the use of helmets at all times. 12. The customer declares to be in perfect health, and be able to ride a bike and have the necessary control of the rented equipment. 13. The expenses incurred to the lessor , by transporting the bike, leave it in a place other than that specified in the contract will have an extra cost of 35 € ( if you are in a radius of 7 km . or lower) and 100 € (if you are in a radius greater than 7 km.). 14. The cost of repairs or punctures will be charged to the customer. 15. The customer is obliged at all times to tie up the bikes when they have them in sight ( padlock by passing the frame, saddle and wheels and tie the bike to a pole fixed to the ground or bike parking) . It is recommended in any case keep him as long as possible. 16. In case of theft of the bicycle or accessories the customer will pay the value corresponding to the market price 17. Motos Pepllu Rent has arranged liability insurance that covers any damage that may occur as a result of defects in the equipment rented. 18. The customer is responsible to be insured with adequate coverage for risks that may arise during the rental period. 19. Motos Pepllu Rent not responsible for accident claims, injury, shock or damage to themselves and / or third persons or their property, or for loss of items during the rental period. 20. It is the responsibility of the customer and his (s) guest (s) respecting Spanish traffic rules and drive carefully and respect pedestrians. 21. It is strictly forbidden to go on the bike under the influence of alcohol or toxic substance above the limit allowed by regulation. 22. Be borne by the Customer the amount of all kinds of fines, court costs and extrajudicial derived from any type of sanction, including costs and impound crane to remove the bike, for events that occurred during the term of the contract. 23. The tenant may terminate the contract in advance. Notwithstanding such cancellation shall be subject to the lessor a penalty of 50 % of the outstanding rent. 24. At the end of the rental period MotosPeplluRent representative shall determine the conditions on which the equipment rented and shall, if it took the case, the loss or damage. 25. The data provided by the customer , will be used exclusively for the proper provision of the service , and may request , in accordance with the law , access , rectification , cancellation or opposition by any means to Motos Pepllu Rent ( , + 34 971630175) . 26. This contract is governed by Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction shall be in the courts of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
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