CONDITIONS 1. The tenant must be at least 21 years old with a minimum of 3 years of driving experience with a B driver’s license, or 18 years old with an A driver’s license. If tenant chooses a 50 cc scooter, he or she must be 18 years old and have an AM, A1 or B driver’s license. A minimum of 3000 km driven motorcycle experience in the last three years. To pick up the bike at the point of hire, you must show your ID card or passport, like a driver’s license of the European Union or, failing that the International Driving license, valid for the entire rental period. 2. Children can go escort provided if they meet these conditions. According to the Highway Code, in Article 12, if the child is over 12 years old, is satisfied that: will always straddled and feet on the footrests side. Use the rear seat to the driver. Use approved helmet. If you have more than 7 years old and less than 12 in fulfillment of all the above plus the motorcycle shall be conducted by a parent or legal guardian. 3. The bike of this contract may be solely driven by the tenant, prohibiting their assignment or sublease to third parties without the prior consent of the company. 4. You may not use the leased vehicle in competition events as well as for the transport of illicit trade genres. 5. The lessee agrees to pay, in addition to vehicle rental charges and taxes determined in the current rates, all fines and court costs for traffic offenses motivated or laws and regulations or ordinances by the lessee, you will be notified via email Email this incident and shall be recovered from the complaint, using data from the credit card we have as bail. 6. The tenant is responsible for the vehicle documents. In case of damage or loss of it is committed to pay the amount of 250 € for renovation costs and management documentation. 7. The tenant is responsible for the vehicle’s key, agreeing to pay the amount of 100 € in case of loss. 8. In case of requirement of Company services RENT MOTORCYCLES PEPLLU in a different place to the delegation, provided it is for reasons beyond the Company PEPLLU RENT MOTORCYCLES (patch, key loss, etc..) Are required to pay the full of expenses incurred in respect of loss of earnings and management. 9. The service schedule is indicated in the appropriate office. The lessee must return the vehicle at the time indicated in the contract. You will have 30-minutes. Otherwise, it will be penalized with 20 € for the first hour of delay after this time will be charged as a daily rate. For days the cost is 45 € per day, plus corresponding greening rate. These conditions shall be cumulative 10. In case of accident, the tenant must pay damages to the vehicle with the limit of the amount paid for the franchise. Such coverage will not be effective if the influence of alcohol or drugs. In this case the customer will pay the total repair if the vehicle can not be repaired, the customer will pay the value corresponding to the market price. 11. In case of accident, the renter must take the following steps: a) No liability or guilt recognize the fact. b) To obtain full details of the opposing party, who shall immediately forward to the Landlord, even to inform by phone in case of a serious accident. c) Immediately notify the authorities if there is guilt of the defendant. The leased vehicle exchange will only be made by technical defects repair it and when possible in reasonable time and under supervision of the technical staff of the company PEPLLU RENT MOTORCYCLES. The tenant is not entitled to replacement rental vehicle if, by accident, nor did it unusable to reinstate any amount for the aforementioned concept. 12. The landlord has taken all reasonable precautions to prevent mechanical failure of leased vehicle, but if they occur, assumes no liability for direct or indirect damages that may be caused to the Lessee, as a result of such failure or breakdown. 13. Gasoline is charged to the customer. The fuel level is indicated in the contract. Failure to return the vehicle with the same level, the tenant must pay the amount of € 12 in fuel expenses and management. 14. The puncture and tear of tires and wheels are borne by the customer. Repairs that are not authorized by the company BIKE RENT PEPLLU are at the customer. Do not pay any taxi if not authorized by the company. 15. The tenant, have examined their contentment and satisfaction the leased vehicle in its entirety, including engine, steering, body and tires, so expressly declares that no responsibility lies with the company PEPLLU RENT MOTORCYCLES by any misfortune, inconvenience, delay or difficulties befalling you as a user of the reference vehicle. When returning the bike, the company staff RENT MOTORCYCLES PEPLLU review the vehicle to see if it has caused any damage to the same or an accessory. In case of damage, the tenant must pay the cost of repair to the limit of the franchise. 16. If the vehicle is returned on a different schedule from the office, the tenant accepts the assessment of damages made by the staff of the company, considering that the landlord will not be present at that time. 17. The bikes are covered by third party insurance with roadside assistance, with an excess of X(depending on model). This means that in case of damage, their liability is limited to this amount. There is additional insurance that includes hospitalization expenses of the driver in an accident, which will cost 15 €. In case of theft, the customer will pay the value at market price. The franchise will be automatically returned within 24 hours after the return of the motorcycle. 18. The cancellation of the reservation 7 days in advance or more carries a handling fee of € 10, if less than 7 days will cost 50 €. If it’s change of dates, the reservation may be moved to another date without penalty, provided in advance to advise us more than 7 days and have availability on the date of collection. If advance notice is less than 7 days there will be a penalty of 20 € on the rental price. 19. If you sign a long term contract, after one month, the customer must go through our workshop once every month or every 2,500 km. for a periodic inspection cost will go to PEPLLU RENT MOTORCYCLES. The costs of wear and repair shall be borne by the customer. 20. The renter authorizes the landlord to charge your credit or debit card all amounts accrued under this contract, both the concepts of bond, rent, damage and total or partial theft. 21. The issues that arise for the complete fulfillment of this contract, will always be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Palma de Mallorca. 22. We reserve the right at any time to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement without notice.